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Alicia Spinner earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico and worked as a news writer for several TV stations in Mexico and the United States, including Univision in San Francisco, California. Looking to transition from journalism to prose, she studied Spanish Language and Literature at Harvard University, earning a Masters degree. She also worked as an editor for Vista Higher Learning, a publishing company headquartered in Boston. For the past 10 years, Alicia has lived in Issaquah Highlands, raising her two young children while also volunteering extensively with the community. Serving is one of her life goals. Since moving to Issaquah, Alicia's dedication to diversity and inclusion has led her to found three community groups. The Toddler Playgroup creates a trusted space for moms and caregivers to create connections. The Latino Club shares and celebrates Latino culture as a community. And Club Inclusive gives children of all abilities the chance to embrace their differences and learn together about the power of love and acceptance. Alicia has also served on the board of the Grand Ridge Elementary PTSA for eight years where she led teams as the Volunteer Director, Events Director, Programs Director and for the last two years as the PTSA President. At Grand Ridge, she created many popular community-building events, including the flagship Cultural Fair, where the school's diversity is highlighted and celebrated thanks to the hard work of more than 100 volunteers and the participation of more than 2000 neighbors. The Cultural Fair has transformed Grand Ridge to a more inclusive space for children to grow. Alicia has created an event that is a point of pride for the entire community, according to school principal Mrs. Ravenscraft. Alicia was recognized as the 2018 Volunteer of the Year for the Issaquah Highlands Community, while at Grand Ridge Elementary she earned two Gold Acorn awards in 2016 and 2018 and the Outstanding Advocate Award in 2019. Alicia is also a VOICE Mentor of four children, two in elementary school and two in middle school. According to her, this is the most meaningful volunteer activity that she does. She explains, “Even when children have loving and supporting families, culture and language barriers can impede the parent’s ability to offer the support that their children need to succeed in school and to navigate their lives in a new country”. Alicia is the editor for the Issaquah School Foundation’s Cultural Bridges magazine where she works tirelessly to create a resource that serves as a communication bridge between the Issaquah School District and local parents with school-aged children who, like Alicia, did not grow up in the American educational system. This magazine is published in six languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian. Alicia is also a member of Seattle Escribe and a spousal member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Alicia enjoys global travel, especially to increase her children's awareness of the world and their role in it. During their travels, she seeks inspiration to bring back to her community. Alicia is always striving to bring her diverse community closer together with compassion, acceptance and love.


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Pallavi is a woman of color , born and brought up in India. She is the proud owner and co-founder of Dtocs LLC. These are eco friendly and biodegradable disposable plates and bowls that are made from fallen palm tree leaves. These are sustainable and are a great alternative to the plastics we use today.These are 100% compostable, microwaveable and burn well in the fire pit . Hence zero recycle or trash . This is her sustainable business with a purpose. She encourage everyone to use these and contribute to saving the environment and making a difference. Pallavi loves giving back to the community so she emphasis on providing employment, fair trade and a personal relation with our manufacturing unit and employees. One day she wants to open a school for our women workers and their children. She looking for investors at this moment to join her and help grow nationally and internationally one day, spread in the food industry, every household, replenish my inventory and support her vision. As a parent, Pallavi teaches her kids-"if you have resources don't waste them, instead use them smartly to create a sustainable business for your family. At the same time give back to the community and contribute to the environment to your capability". #ravishingwomen #rwf2019 Pallavi Pande Dtocs​

Rita Chohan

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Rita Chohan is interior designer based out of Canada. She has been a positive influence to other women and her message " always try different things, don't go with norms, and try to be a pioneer in any path you choose. Take risks by stepping into the business world or workforce and challenge those around you. People will try to knock you down, but you need to endure all hurdles. Hasn't been easy in juggling many "hats", entrepreneur/business woman, wife, mother and daughter. Can definitely be achieved; however, time management is essential."

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