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Ravishing Woman of the Day

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Mamta Mirchandani - Business Analyst by profession, Entrepreneur by passion, Believer by heart! Growing up, I was an independent child and always wanted to do things on my own for myself. I paid for my College and Master's degree. I looked for achieving more and for me there was no stopping, I look at life as an on-going journey wherein you knock down one checkpoint and you should be ready for another and look out for another and in the process spread happiness and peace. I believe in staying young at heart, keep working hard and following the passion. I thank God and feel fortunate for Life that brings a new challenge and excitement each day. My childhood to adult life is pretty standard as of any girl in the conservative family - Study, Get a Job and Get married. After working for a few years in India, Marriage made me move to the United States of America. Initial years, I was stay-at-home wife and then stay-at-home Mom. Shaurya, now 7 yrs old, has got me more courage than I ever had. For me, he is the only true meaning of 'Love'. Few years away from my career and my independence, made me more passionate and helped realize the value and potential of the human. I feel each of us has a role to fulfill and we are born to do something. One who follows the passion and believes in God will never fail permanently. The days when I was not allowed to step out and work towards my passion, I used to weave the dreams of things I wanted to do and how would I approach them when I get a chance. As it is said, Time is never the same and Change is inevitable. Prayers helped, Time changed, Passion was on the peak and Hardwork touching sky, I started working in Fortune 500 company as a Business Analyst. My role gave me the opportunity to work with many stalwarts in Industry. From American jargonized English words to self-grooming to ordering food independently and I learned many more things from people and surroundings. As people say, I was living the American Life and American Dream 🙂 (I was independent again! woohoo!) I believe every person I meet is my teacher. I love working with people and being around people brings me energy. While in this new journey of life, one thing I always missed is celebrating festivals as we did in India and the taste of our Culture. I am a Bollywood fan and whenever I watched Bollywood movies, I noticed the set-ups and the decorations in the scenes of Marriage, Sangeet, Festivals, etc. I had attention to detail for the grandeur, jhumars, flowers, creative arrangements and I still have that. I looked for similar decor options in our City but couldn't find anything fitting my pocket and my fantasies. The challenge of securing a job in American Corporate was accomplished and now my adrenaline levels were pushing a lot for a new challenge. This gave birth to Pearls & Petals in Oct 2018. I can't thank God enough for giving me the push to start Pearls & Petals. The kind of exposure, confidence, and identity that Pearls & Petals has got me, nothing could have ever got me that. Pearls & Petals has taken sleepless nights, relationship fights, giving up on parties but has also given in abundance in a way of respect from people who thought of me nothing, immense love from my vendors who send beautiful collection for Pearls & Petals, and that twinkle in Shaurya's eyes when he feels that he is the CEO of Pearls & Petals (ha ha). I wish one day all his dreams are fulfilled. At Pearls & Petals, we are striving to bring Culture. We sell temple decor, home decor, and traditional gifts. Our customers really appreciate, the convenience of buying these products far away from home. They can see and choose the things that they always wanted to buy for their homes or to gifts their loved ones. Most of the products sold by Pearls & Petals are created and manufactured by creative women operating small businesses from their homes while taking care of their households. They work hard to design, assemble, and package each product themselves with love and care. They all feel grateful that their creations are loved by Pearls & Petals customers. Sometimes, when I feel like I am done and I have fulfilled all my dreams, the thought of the little women empowerment that Pearls & Petals creates encourages me to keep moving on, the thought of bringing talent overseas helps me to keep moving on and many other advantages that Pearls & Petals brings or plans to bring helps me to keep moving on!

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Deepa Barve has spent the last two decades balancing the corporate ladder and the world of art. With a degree in microbiology and an MBA, coupled with dance training in Bharatnatyam and jazz; Deepa’s diverse background and interests have made her a connector and influencer in her community. Whether she is serving on the board of Metropolitan Youth Symphony, authoring articles on career websites, teaching dance or being a parent; “balance” has been a key mantra in her life. When it comes to women empowerment, Deepa walks the talk. She has lead the Women’s BRG at PGE for two years, been involved in several events and charities focused on women and her all-women dance troupe has performed at various platforms in the Northwest; most recently winning PDX’s first Bollywood dance competition. Deepa is our “Ravishing woman of the day”. “When we let go of the notion of what should be, we start enjoying the beauty of what is and start realizing the potential of what can be”.

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Harshada has a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Corporate experience as a software engineer for a few years. While Software Engineering is one of the highest paying and lucrative field, she still always wanted to follow her passion and have the most control over the destiny and be happy through the journey. Being fond of crafts and baking activities she always enjoyed making beautiful and delicious cakes on special occasions for friends and family. Just out of fun participated in “Redmond Toddler Group” and “Seattle Cake Con” competition and won the competitions. That truly sparked her interest and she decide to start entrepreneurial activity in baking and creative decorations. There are always challenges like sleepless nights, loads of physical work, management but it’s all worth it. As said, you never work a day in your life when you make a living of what you love to do. Just follow your passion and happiness, joy and fun will shadow through the journey. “Self Belief” is the only success Mantra. You can do it...

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