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Google's Heritage Month Arts Festival 2019

Ravishing Women was honored and invited to participate at Google’s annual AAPI Heritage Month Arts Festival to showcase multicultural dances, traditions and culture. The festival was an outdoor waterfront celebration of local artists and performers.

At Ravishing Women we celebrate diversity and promote arts and culture through our Ravishing Performing Arts group.

Ravishing Women represented Odissi Classical dance by @Bulbuli Mukherjee from Nrityashastra, Kathak Classical by Palak Sukant our Ms. Best Smile 2018, Gidda by Kiran Kaur our Ms. India Oregon 2nd Runner Up 2018, Cambodian Classical by Ley Dy Chim our Ms. Asia WA 2017, Bollywood by Astha Soni from Ravishing Youth Board and Bollywood Punjabi Dance by Manisha Malhotra, Sangeeta Munoth, Shilpa Sharma and choreographed by Bulbuli Mukherjee.

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