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BuzzFeed : The American Superhero series featured Neha Krishna

Updated: May 2, 2020

"The focus of this project is on the uniqueness of the characters wrapped in the fabric of their quintessential American journey," Gowdy told BuzzFeed News.

Neha Krishna - Ms Asia WA 2019 and Ravishing Women was featured in BuzzFeed's American Superhero series.

This is my story! It’s my journey to find myself, not letting my emotional and personal struggles as a human being to take over me, working hard everyday to be better than what I was yesterday — And celebrating my wins of how far I have come. From a family where it wasn’t cool for girls to work, to fighting my own fears around my abilities, to coming to a new country as an immigrant and finding ways to connect with my roots, to getting my dream job, from being that brown girl who isn’t pretty to being Ms Asia Washington, USA - I’m glad I didn’t let the evil wolf win!

Neha shared "This project was my dream and it talks about what it means to be American, what it means to fight for our struggles and be an inspiration. My superpower has always been about not giving up, on being inclusive and on giving affection freely "

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