Based on directives from federal and state government, due to stay in order, there have been massive impact on employment leaving thousands of people to be furloughed, laid off and experience other financial hardships. This is a global phenomenon and is impacting every person - specially low income families and daily / gig workers who rely on daily wages.

There are so many single moms with young children on streets as they have lost income and on the verge of being homeless. 

Ravishing has been helping to provide interim accommodation to impacted people in hotels & apartment so that they have roof to stay and food to eat. We are sending groceries and paying bills of many low income families to help as many people as we can.

Providing  accommodation for

single mom with 9 yrs old kid

Financial assistance has been our key focus during these difficult times

 especially for groceries and paying utility bills.

Adopted 10

low income families

We are all in this  together

Lets make from  " me 2 we "

COVID-19 Response : Masks & Food Donations,Financial Assistance for Low Income Families

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