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"No one has ever become poor by Giving"

                                                                       - Anne Frank

Ravishing Women is passionate about community service, educating young girls and creating a safe environment to enable growth for women by creating employment opportunities in their journey towards self sufficiency.

Here's list of some of the projects where your generous contribution and donations are being channelized.


1 $ / day to feed 1 kid / day


Donate $1 per day to provide nutritious meals to slum area kids in their schools as part of Kitchen project in various parts of India. Food is prepared or procured from needy women of De'haat Foundation to provide jobs for them and help them send their kids to school. You can sponsor a child for $365 / year which will provide meals for one year to one kid or pool any amount depending on your charity goals. We encourage to sponsor as many kids as you can.

Sponsor Kid's Meal



Help us jumpstart primary school end of March 2020


Slum area kids are most vulnerable to malnutrition and lack of education due financial constraints. Ravishing Hope Foundation is created in India and is in process of registering a school in Kanpur, India which will be dedicated to provide free education, transportation to - fro school and meal for slum area kids.

Let join hands to provide education



Let us empower 100 more women in year 2020


Providing opportunities for women to earn a livelihood with dignity including rural areas. Partnered with De'haat Foundation from India to create more jobs and growth opportunities for them. Plan includes opening of new training centers in USA & India to help them improve and learn new skills and earn their living.

Let's Empower Her



Help us fund to install 120 machines in 2020


Understanding our responsibility to not only educate women and girls about hygiene but also take initiative to save our Mother Earth from issue of soiled sanitary pads. Ravishing Women is happy to launch #WomenHygiene program. We have donated Ravishing branded sanitary napkins vending machine in girls orphanage and women shelter home in Lucknow, India. We also have installed soiled pads disposing unit which will burn them to one spoon of ash instead of making our planet dirty. There are educational sessions conducted as part of this program which highlights on hygiene and women health. Our target is to install these machines across various underprivileged girls school, rural areas where several girls and women are having health issues due to unhygienic practices during their menstrual cycle.

Support for Women Hygiene



75 $ / month will keep someone warm this winter season with 1 jacket and 1 blanket


Share warmth for upcoming winter season and help us donate warm clothes, blankets, jackets etc. for kids and women who are living in shelter homes. We have partnered with REACH - an organization which is helping Moving together towards compassionate, healthy and sustainable community. We have been collecting donations to buy these essentails along with lightly used clothes.

Share your Warmth



2 toys or 10 $ / month will bring smile on face of 2 kids


Kid loves to play with toys - cherish the smile of kids when you share toys and relive your childhood. ​​ Encourage your young kids to share smiles by giving to other kids on special occasions / festivals and make it memorable for someone.

Donate Toys



2 hrs in month will refresh 10 years of memories for someone


Help seniors RELIVE their memories while listening to their scintillating stories. life lessons, while sharing a smile smile over a warm meal. ​​ Engage in quality time which can make your as well as somebody's day shine brighter.

Volunteer your Time



100 $ in your birthday month will feed 100 kids along with a cake


Throwing a birthday party and celebrating your BIG day with few friends ? How about if you donated a portion of your expected party expense so that ~ 100 kids can enjoy your your cake and give you countless blessings. Sharing your special birthday month with less fortunate (homeless kids and families) gives you an opportunity to spread hopes and smiles and fill your heart with gratitude. Other ways to bring smiles is by participating and donating clothes, food, blankets, toiletries and toys during your birthday month.

Celebrate by Giving