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IMPACT : IMPortant to ACT

Ravishing Women is taking small - humble steps to make an impact across diverse socio- economic communities

Donated $ 7,050

to a primary school in Pauni (Nagpur), India

to keep the existing school infrastructure intact

roof repairs, class room infrastructure, potable water drinking station, separate toilets for boys and girls

Pawan Public School needs

  • $ 150,000 to build new school to accommodate 750 students

  •  $10,000  for classroom furniture, build chemistry  lab and buy computers
  • $3,000 to buy a school bus

  • $5,000 /month as operational costs 

Funds Needed in Q4 2019- 2020

$ 200,000


contributed to De'Haat Foundation

selling eco-friendly pens and fund raisers across Seattle area.

Dehaat provides employment opportunities to unskilled women and enable them to earn decent livelihood making their and their children's future bright.

Gift eco-friendly paper pens to your

family / friends / colleagues and support the cause

Donated $9,000 & 230 hrs volunteered

towards community education and violence prevention programs

As community partners, Ravishing Women has been serving the members to raise awareness about domestic violence and human trafficking prevention programs

API Chaya needs help in many different projects

  • Reach out to the communities we serve and connect them to our services.

  • Create awareness around the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking and engage our communities to address these issues.

  • Help our advocates address the needs of people we serve.

90 meals served

50 hygiene products

30 blankets

20 hrs volunteered

As community partner to end homelessness for women by providing shelter, social services, and permanent housing with support.

Donated 100 toiletries

50 foot wears

25 blankets and toys

The REACH Center of Hope is a day and night shelter for women, children, and families. The Center of Hope partners with a number of agencies to ensure that our clients are accessing every avenue possible as they make their journey from homelessness to stability.

Community Outreach Partners for Census 2020

As WA Census partners working along with 4 different cities, we play an critical role on raising awareness and increase participation in WA Census 2020 efforts.

Ravishing Women Festival 2019

Nov 24th (1:00 pm onwards)