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​A beauty pageant isn't merely a competition but a journey that has created several transformational and enriching stories in the lives of those involved. Whether it is a 13 year old teenager or a 50 year old woman, Ravishing Women promises to deliver a life-changing experience to be cherished, celebrating a woman's accomplishments, intellect, grit as well as talent as part of her beauty. 

Based on first hand experiences shared during the pageant, Ravishing Inspi Talk in June 2017 was focussed on status classification that surrounds women. Miss, Mrs or the new world Ms - women have been historically associated with the identity of their father or their husband, and defined by their marital status. Today, the new world is opting for a more status-neutral designation, and a beauty pageant is no different. Because a woman’s beauty, intellect, talent and identity can never be defined by her gender-specific title.

Ravishing Women would like to use their pageant as a platform and go one step further this year, doing away from titles and classifications that bind women. Our upcoming annual pageant as part of the Ravishing Women Festival in September will be walking this talk by removing the world-accepted elimination criteria of "Never Married and Never Had a Child". Every contestant will be evaluated based on their skills, talent and capabilities rather than marital status.

We lived to our principles & Ravishing Asia WA 2017 pageant created history!

To live to our principles and vision of women empowerment Ravishing Women proudly presents:

India WA Pageant

  • 6th annual Miss India WA USA 2018 (age 18-28 yrs)
  • 6th annual Ms. India WA USA 2018 (age 18 yrs - 39 yrs)
  • 5th annual Miss Teen India WA USA 2018 (age 13 yrs - 17 yrs)
  • 3rd annual Ms. Elite India WA USA 2018 (40 yrs and above)

Asia WA Pageant

  • 2nd annual Miss Teen Asia WA 2018 (age 13 yrs - 17 yrs)
  • ​2nd annual Miss Asia WA 2018 (age 18-28 yrs)
  • 2nd annual Ms. Asia WA 2018 (age 18 yrs - 39 yrs)
  • 2nd annual Ms. Elite Asia WA 2018 (40 yrs and above)

Our Revolution....

Process to Register

  • Download Form
  • Fill in all details 
  • Email complete form with age proof, residence proof & photos at the email id provided in the form
  • Once your application is reviewed we will call you for audition
  • After auditions you will be informed if selected. All fee are due within a week of confirmation
  • All registrations must complete by May 31, 2018
  • Pageant practice kickoff dates and schedule will be notified via email