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Miss Teen, Miss & Ms. 

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​​Pageant Misconception: A lot of people think that it's all about the long hair, walking on the stage, makeup and being plastic. However there are so many lessons you learn being part of this journey.

Building your Self Confidence: One of the biggest reason among million of reasons is that it is a life changing experience and you are left in awe about your own capabilities and strength that boost your self confidence and know yourself - your talent, your social skills, your presentation skills and your team spirit. 

Lessons you Learned: There are so many things you learn not only about yourself, but also about communication skills,  leadership, interviews & poise! Everyone loves to pose in front of the camera but how about if you are taught what is right way to pose, how to walk with grace and elegance. Pageantry is a doorway for those who want to be on stage, give back and of course learn more about themselves. More than a competition it is a learning experience and in this process you learn so much that is's beyond mind blowing what you learn. 

Friendship / Family : The girls you compete with become your family, regardless of all the stereotyping about catty girls fights and fake plastic personalities. You will be pleased to know that it isn't true. You'll always have one of those girls in the group but still at the end you will be happy to say that girls with whom you competed became your friends forever and build a sense of sisterhood with them. It is always a great opportunity to learn differences and embracing them with friendly and open mindset.

Professional Opportunities: You may have never thought of picking an interest that becomes your profession / career with passion. We have so many successful examples where girls discovered themselves as hair & makeup artists, models, photographer, designer, writers, choreographers, dancers and many more entrepreneur ideas that helped them in discovering their own future path. You never know what experience becomes a positive life changing moment in your life. All you need is open mind and right attitude to attempt rather than just taking this as competition. 

Giving Back: Our team has always encouraged to give back to the society and community from where we originate. With that attitude in mind we have supported other non profit initiatives like API Chaya, CRY, Amruta Seattle, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research, Sophia Way Shelter home to name a few and pledge to continue supporting our community, society and other non profit initiatives. 

Credits / Referrals: Being part of Ravishing Women team and Ravishing Youth board one of the added benefit is to help getting credentials, volunteer service hours for college, honor society credits and even volunteer & work experience referrals when applying for admission or jobs. Participation in pageant even helped to share your story of confidence and going extra mile to prove your capability and discover your strength while applying for college.

Being Part of Fashion & Other Shows: Ravishing Women pageant journey does not stop at the end of pageant. It continues by providing opportunities where girls can be part of various other shows / dramas/ arts & culture actives and lot more. There is no stop to keep learning, exploring and enjoying as a Ravishing Women Family. 

360 Degree Trainings: Our pageant trainings are not only about how to walk but include other trainings like speaking skills, interview tips, health nutrition, yoga, meditation, boot camp, makeup tips, dressing & styling tips, leadership and lot more. 

There are still so many benefits that are possible by being part of this amazing journey! Needless to say now that we help discover beauty that is above and beyond physical beauty and goes skin deep.