Beauty Pageant 2016

​​Ravishing Women 

Miss Teen, Miss & Ms. 

India Washington | India Oregon | Asia Washington | Asia Oregon

​​In Year 2017 we took another step to open opportunity for various women who had desire to be a pageant but traditional pageants did not had any category. We introduced Ms. Classic India WA. never On September 18, 2017 we selected Pushkara Changanti as Miss India WA 2016 with Meenal Darak as first runner up & Amita Sharma as second runner up. In Mrs. Category Priyanka Yadav was crowed as Mrs. India WA 2016 with Abha Shukla as first runner up and Neha Krishna as second runner up. Neha Tulluri was crowed as Miss Teen India Seattle 2016. For sub categories Reshma Wadhwa got Ms. Entrepreneur, Melissa Fernandez got Ms. Congeniality, Melissa Perincheril got Miss Talent, Sweta Nimwal got Mrs. Talent, Kanchan Saxena got Ms. Transformation, Snigdha Singh was selected as Ms. People's choice. 

First Ms. Classic India WA was not kept as competition and Kanchan Saxena, Rakhi Tanja  Sukhmani Grewal, Reshma Wadhwa were awarded Ms. Classic India WA 2016.